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What does RFID mean for events?

There are quite a few ways event creators can use RFID to streamline the event experience and allow for better data capture. The main applications of RFID for events are:

1. Entry to the event
Sans paper tickets and will-call lines, entry is swift and seamless — more than 20 people per scanner per minute. RFID entry is faster and easier than other types of electronic scanners, too. Staff doesn’t need training to use it, because RFID equipment lights up green for go and red for stop — simple for security to process.

2. Flexible access control
Grant fast, controlled entry to specific zones (like VIP areas or conference sessions) that only a subset of your overall attendee base should be allowed into.

3. Cashless payments
RFID allows attendees to pay for food, drinks, and merchandise with their
wristbands instead of carrying cash or credit cards. It’s streamlined and safe, and makes checkout faster for you. And research shows that people spend up to 20% more at events when using RFID instead of cash.

4. Better data collection
RFID technology gives real-time insight into how attendees are moving through events. This can help you make in-the-moment decisions such as “We need another entry lane” or “Let’s reorganize the layout of porta-potties.” RFID also enables better collection of attendee data on an individual level. If they register their wristbands with an email address or link them to social profiles, you collect rich data you can use in future marketing.

5. Less fraud
RFID chips have an extra layer of security that makes them nearly impossible to duplicate, which means no more counterfeit tickets. Each ticket is associated with an individual ID, so you can easily deactivate a lost wristband and issue a new one.

6. Sponsor benefits
Sponsors can use RFID to engage with attendees with things like raffles, polls, and competitions. Attendees participate by tapping their wristbands. Because data collection is so simple with RFID, your sponsors get tangible ROI from these efforts.

7. Social engagement
RFID can also be used to better engage attendees in creative ways. With RFID-enabled photo booths, event-goers can tap their wristbands to email themselves the photo. And that’s just one potential
creative application of RFID for attendee engagement.

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