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Printer Ribbon

Zebra P330i Printer Ribbon

Type: Printer Ribbon
Feature: Original
Brand Name: Zebra
Model Number: Zebra P330I
Place of Origin: United States
Colour: YMCKO

  •      The Zebra 800015-440 YMCKO is a full color ribbon capable of producing 200 prints. Zebra 800015-440 ribbon combines the (Y)ellow, (M)agenta, (C)yan panels for full color printing with an addition of (K) - Black panel for pure black text and/or barcode printinting. The 800015-440 ribbon also features a clear protective (O)verlay to prolong the life of your cards and decrease fading. Zebra 800015-440 YMCKO color ribbon can be used with both single and double sided printers. Zebra 800015-440 Ribbon is an i series printer ribbon, i stands for intelligent, your Zebra i -Series printer will automatically read the ribbon type and inform you of the quantity of prints used and the quantity of prints remaining.For more details please Contact us at clio@hyjcard.com
    Specification :
    Model :80015-440( CN) (YMCKO)
    Brand :zebra
    Prints : full 200 copies standard PVC card, ID card
    It is used for ZEBRA card Printers P330I, P310I, P420I,P520I

    Vibrant colors, "true-to-life" flesh tones, and sharp barcodes and text
    Patented print ribbon technology for minimal printhead buildup and durable cards
    Advanced RFID intelligent technology for automated ribbon detection, driver configuration and more

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    1.How can i get the price?
    Please Send your Inquiry or email to clio@hyjcard.com,  then we can provide you quotation at the first time.
    2.Which card printer is suitable to me?
    If you don’t have given option, please provide our sales team a picture of the card (double side) you want to
    print. We will recommend you the most suitable model according to the printing need.

    3.Which ribbon should I choose for my card printer?
    If you don’t know the model number of your ribbon, please provide us the model number or picture of your card
    printer, our sales team will check and confirm it for you.

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